I’ll be on the road for the next two months speaking about and working on the Author’s Interest project. Here’s some key events – come along and say hi if you’ll be in the neighbourhood:

  • August 26, Nashville (ATRIP conference)
  • August 29, Lexington (University of Kentucky)
  • September 3, Washington DC (American University)
  • September 10, NYC (New York University)
  • September 13, Ann Arbor (University of Michigan)
  • September 16, Ottawa (University of Ottawa)
  • October 3, London (Society of Authors HQ)
  • October 8, Glasgow (University of Glasgow)

In the second half of October I’ll be in Geneva attending the SCCR meeting at WIPO as part of our work studying e-lending in public libraries. I hope to catch up with lots of our blog readers and project friends along the way. 




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